Legal Center Board of Justice - Provides legal support to Russian and foreign companies and private sector.

Legal Center Board of Justice (Justits-Kollegija) cooperates with and provides legal support to Russian and foreign companies and private sector. Our company offers the following services:
  • Establishment (accreditation) and extending accreditation of representative offices and branches of foreign companies in the State Registration Chamber in Moscow and Russian Federation, including the accreditation of representative office/branchs employees and their family members.
  • Making amendments in constituent documents of representative offices/branches of foreign companies (relating to the name change of a parent company or due to the change of legal address of a branch/representive office or replacement of the head of a branch/representive office etc); closing down a representative office/branch.
  • Inclusion of representative offices accredited by the other authorities of Russian Federation into the State Register.
  • Registration of subsidiaries of foreign legal entities(enterprises with foreign investments) in the form of limited liability companies, joint stock companies, public corporations on territory of Russian Federation.
  • Tax registration of foreign legal entities(nonresidents of Russian Federation).
  • Registrationof thesharesissue with theFederal Services for Financial Markets.

Legal Center Board of Justice (Justits-Kollegija) provides legal and accounting support to Russian and foreign companies and their representative offices and branches on the territory of Russian Federation. We offer financial and legal consulting of foreign companies activities by providing withcertain servicesandconsulting,as well asthrough the customer service. In this case, a client contracts for legal or accounting services with our company and the service feewill beforservice in total. Finally, it reduces the total amount of expenses. We corporate with foreign and Russian companies with diffrent business filed activities.

Accountingservicesincludeevery month supportof accountingand taxation systems.

We offer wide range oflegalservicesprovidedby our company for foreign business in Russia,includesnotonly assistancein draftingcontractsandrepresentation in courts,we alsoassistin addressing issuesrelatedtorealestate, administrative, laborlaw,tax,immigration, antitrustand corporatelaw (corporate disputes,purchaseand saleof shares andstocks etc.) in the part that concerns activity of Russian and foreign companies, their branches and representative offices on the territory of Russian Federation.

We will begladto take a partinyour company negotiationsonall issues related to the legal support of transactions(i.e. contracts, agreements etc) andthe determination of theirconditions in Russia and abroad. We arewilling toberepresentativesof your companyin the state departments of RussianFederationandto yourclients and partners.

Our philosophy: Individual approach at a reasonable price.
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